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Welcome to the Southeast Asian Art File. I've put together this site in an attempt to begin to explore the power of the internet in building community around the practice of art in Southeast Asia. I'm a publisher by profession, and have long been frustrated with the difficulties of finding central information on regional art, and in building a cross-regional critical discussion.

This is a volunteer effort, and is independent of my employers, Sembawang Media and Editions Didier Millet, Singapore, except in as much as I make occasional grateful more or less illicit use of their resources. The site resides on a my own personal virtual domain, on a server in the United States, but I do the editorial and design work (such as it is) here in Singapore.

Issues 1: Language & Priviledge
Everything is in English now. I am making sporadic efforts in Indonesia to put together Bahasa resources. Is the internet priviledging English speakers? Yes. Does it always have to be so? No.

Kanaga Sabapathy would now ask if this entire effort is priviledging people outside Southeast Asians who have better access to the internet generally than Southeast Asians. The answer is "yes, but..." Yes, for the time being, but with internet growing quickly in Southeast Asia I hope that there will be less of a gap soon. I am devoting some of my professional energies to encouraging artists to make their own use of the internet, at least here in Singapore, and I think it is important to begin to build locally-focussed resources, to stimulate more experiments in regional community building.

Issues 2: Philippines
Why no Philippines? Sorry-lah! My only excuse is lack of time. The very first site on Southeast Asian art that I ever found on the internet was on Philippines art. I am sure that there are many more resources available, and I very much welcome any help in identifying sites related to the practice of art in the Philippines.

Upgrades, Updates
I attempt to update this site every week. If you would like, drop me a note and I will put you on a mailing list to let you know of significant updates when they are made. Suggestions and pointers are more than welcome. Please contribute. If there are enough people interested I will begin a mailing list dedicated to Southeast Asian art.

Peter Schoppert
359 Onan Rd
Singapore 1542
tel.: 230-0181
fax.: 346-1285

Dede Eri Supria
Urban Class,1977
Oil on Canvas, 200x100cm
Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics Collection, Indonesia
from the Themes in Southeast Asian Art exhibition, Singapore Art Musuem

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