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Samsui Women Samsui Women, 1999
artist: Liu Jilin
location: URA Centre
patron: URA

The sentiment here is worthy - the Samsui sculpture is out front of the Urban Development Authority - home of Singapore's planners. So a memory of the people who actually did the building during a key period of Singapore's growth, from the 1930s through the 1970s seems appropriate to this site. I'm a little disturbed by the uniformity of the three figures though. Surely we could have had the sense of number, sense of a group, and still had some differentiation between the three figures.

text of the label:

Samsui Women

'From the Sansui Province, China, we emigrate young and frugal,

To the Lion City in Nanyang, we labour and struggle.

To seek employment and fortune for our families

We toil and sweat and witness the building

Of Singapore, our pride and future.'

The figures, carved from solid dusky-pink granite with rough textured finishing, reflects the hardship and preseverance of these tough women during the 1950's and 1960's.

Professor Liu Jilin, June 1999