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lanterns by the Singapore River | Sep 23, 2004

Rather a pleasant temporary art display by the Singapore River in front of the Asian Civilisations Museum: various Asian lanterns affixed to the lamp posts. This is for the Chinese Lantern festival - each lantern had quite a long label but I didn't tarry long enough to read them.

There is meant to be a dragon further up the riverside by I didn't see it.
Youth Sculpture show in Shanghai | Sep 23, 2004

More sculpture in Shanghai... this time 24 works as part of the Fourth Youth Sculpture Show.

We've seen the puppy and we've seen the spider | Sep 15, 2004

New York Times story [sorry - registration may be required]. A new Borofsky at the Rockefeller Center "has nothing to do with 9/11". This is a bit of a strange story on the latest public art at NYC's Rockefeller Center.

the lost city - a mega sculpture for East Anglia | Sep 11, 2004

This Guardian article discusses a major initiative to create a scuptural landmark for East Anglia akin to the famous "Angel of the North" that marks the Newcastle/Gateshead area of the UK. The initiative has thrown up four proposals, including a particularly poetic one that aims to commemorate the sunken churches of the town of Dunwich, once a prosperous trading port, now mostly submerged due to coastal erosion.

The article quotes one observer as saying:

"Public sculpture has never had the debate it deserves. There are far more disasters than successes, and every town now seems to have a piece of polished steel outside its shopping centre."
couldn't pass this up - Jonny W in topiary | Sep 8, 2004

As seen at the annual Britain in Bloom horticultural competition. It stands 13ft tall. Says the BBC "It's not clear what will happen to the structure once the competition is over, although it's unlikely to end up in Australia."

Brunei Sculpture in bad shape | Sep 8, 2004

A work in the Brunei oiltown of Seria is in badshape, and there's a photo to prove it (though no information on the sculptor). "Authorities are urged to renovate it." Singapore has one work by Bruneian sculptor Osman bin Mohammad that is made of similar material. Same artist?

We are all Bruce Lee | Sep 5, 2004

This headline made the news in Singapore's Straits Times also. Says Nino Raspudic, one if the founders of the non-governmental organization "Urban Movement-Mostar":

People have gotten so stupid that we have to explain irony. But that is not hard for us." ( ... )

"With this action -- despite all the politicians' interpretations -- we are trying to prove that the existence of a long period of our past lives cannot be settled with ideology and politics."

What is interesting too is that the Chinese Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina has donated 7500 Euros to the cost of the statue.
anti-Japan sculpture park? | Sep 5, 2004

Near the Marco Polo Bridge, outside of Beijing. But this article doesn't really tell us what sort of works constitute a "anti-Japan war sculpture park".

outdoor sculpture parks - a trend? | Sep 1, 2004

This article from Newsday, NY, USA. In Singapore of course we have Marina South, a huge empty park with plenty of sculpture. I agree that it is an excellent way to look at art, and an excellent way to fill a park. I just wish the art in our parks was a little more interesting. In Marina South, some is nice (Tan Teng Kee) and some is tragic... Also there is the question of whether the people responsible for the park will also be responsible for conserving the art.

Rodin's Thinker in Shanghai | Aug 31, 2004

Here's the complete story from Xinhua News Agency:

SHANGHAI, Aug. 26 (Xinhuanet) -- A statue of the Large Thinker, a renowned sculpture by great French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), has settled down at the Shanghai Municipal Library.

A ceremony was held at the library Wednesday to welcome the Large Thinker.

This 1.8-meter-tall statue, erecting on a two-meter-high white marble foundation, was cast from the fifth mould for the Large Thinker of Rodin's. Noted French collector Emmanel Javogue contributed the statue to the Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation recently.

It is learned that sculptor Rodin made five plaster moulds for the Large Thinker. A total of 25 sculptures of the Large Thinker have been created from the No. 5 mould