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Shanghai sculpture plan | May 20, 2005

A new plan for some 50 public sculptures has been launched for Shanghai. The plan was approved by the municipal government after a recently-concluded conference.

a new fibreglass animals project - crabs for Baltimore | May 17, 2005

Yes another installment of the long-running and highly popular civic art project - painted fibreglass animals installed around a city. Cows started it off. Singapore did lions. Dubai did camels. Now Baltimore does crabs. (for a list of such projects around the world, see this page.)

new sculpture park in Songkhla, Southern Thailand | May 8, 2005

Bangkok Post carries this story on a new seaside sculpture park in Songkhla. Fourteen large outdoor were installed, by a group of Thai and foreign artists. The project was organized by the International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events (AIESM), a Canadian organization, and supported by the Silapakorn University and the Songkhla municipality. Thai artists involved include: Saravudth Duanjumpa, Chamruang Vichienkhet, Vichai Sithiratn, Vichoke Mukdamanee, Khemrat Kongsook, Inson Wongsam, Nonthivathn Chanadhanaphalin and Montri Sangmusikanont.

public art at a university - the case of Harvard | May 7, 2005

Excellent article from the Harvard Crimson. Talks about the attractions of public art, and especially in mediating relationship between the university and the city. I know it is a bit unfair to compare to the Singapore case... so I'll refrain. NUS is still at the stage of "on this wall we have a piece of art, to symbolize the importance of art and creativity."