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Dan Witz made this house | Mar 27, 2005

Where? I don't know. But it makes me happy...

a ton of public sculpture missing - NYC | Mar 27, 2005

Philip Pavia's piece used to be at the front of the New York Hilton, and was called "a sort of contemporary Stonehenge". Now it is missing...

New York's other public art | Mar 21, 2005

A photo-essay from Newsday newspaper on the sculptures of Tom Otterness. 26 works all over the NYC.

design guru Tufte makes outdoor sculpture | Mar 11, 2005

I had no idea... minimalist and modern.

Melbourne's graffiti strategy | Mar 11, 2005

Melbourne has a lively graffiti scene that makes the city vibrant - or a bad graffiti problem, depending on your point of view. Read about City Council's new plan to mix positive and negative incentives to 'manage' graffiti in the city.

outsourcing public art to China | Mar 4, 2005

Straits Times ran an article today on the mural at Sun Yat Sen Villa. I've not put the mural into the database, but will do so v. soon. The article is full of juicy facts. This work, like the Chinese Legendary Heros in Marina South, was outsourced to unnamed "artists in China", who worked from photographs and old books.

The article says it is "probably the longest mural in Singapore" - actually I think probably not, as the Orchard Rd MRT mural is likely to be longer...

NEARLY five years and $1 million in the making, the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall is ready to show its mammoth bronze work depicting 100 years of Singapore's history, from the 1840s to the 1940s....

Work on the mural, which reflects the history, culture and lives of Singapore's multiracial society over 100 years, was started by a group of artists five years ago in Guangdong, China....

For the project, Mr Foong and his assistant, Mr Mun Chor Seng, had to travel to art studios in Guangdong, where they made sure that the images sculpted on the panels were accurate. 'We took them many pictures and books on old Singapore for their reference,' said Mr Mun, 67, a former photographer and television cameraman from MediaCorp.

who is leaving this graffiti in Bali? | Mar 4, 2005

Hundreds of marks and signs in white chalk have been found on temples in Bali and Lombok, often high up on towers and walls and in hard-to-access places. It is a mystery.

"This is something hard to accept on the logical plane," police spokesman Commissioner I Gusti Gde Suryasa said, adding "the people see the phenomenon with a religious perspective.