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an Eco-halo for Notting Hill Gate | Mar 11, 2004

Notting Hill is a fine neighborhood, and we're not talking Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. But there are problems, including pollution and the way the neighbourhood is bisected by busy streets. This article looks at recent public art initiatives, including an 'eco-halo' proposal that could be relevant for Singapore's Orchard Rd.

the latest variation - art camels | Mar 10, 2004

By now it is a well-established mode of creating public art : asking artists to paint fibreglass animals in public spaces. If I recall properly, the first of these efforts had to do with cows in Chicago (I will research this properly), and it should be no surprise that there are regional variations. Singapore recently had some painted lions (but restricted to the spaces in the Raffles Hotel) and now, in Dubai, a major project involving camels...

the people choose: public art in Shanghai | Mar 6, 2004

Xinhua news agency has a good story on public art in Shanghai. The Urban Planning Administrative Bureau is moving to create more sculptures 'In line with Shanghai's international status'.

And one recent piece was actually selected by public ballot. Hmmm. Wonder when we might try that experiment in Singapore?