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Lim Tzay Chuen | Jun 4, 2005

Publicity has started on Lim Tzay Chuen's contribution to the 2005 Venice Biennale. BT's Parvathi got a (subscriber-only) exclusive with curator Eugene Tan, and Today's David Chew leads with Lim's personality... "no one in the arts circle seems to like him". That sort of thing is a sign of a journalist with nothing to say... but Tzay Chuen might take comfort in the tagline on page one "Tzay Chuen, the Lightning Rod"...;-). OK, I must declare an interest - I contributed an article to Tzay Chuen's catalog for the Biennale, and his contribution certainly has a public art angle (all will be revealed soon). And David, PS, I also happen to like him...

art in the cemetery - making art relevant to death | Jun 4, 2005

Given the quasi-religious status of the art museum in today's secular world, and given the strong memorial content in public art, this artist-in-residence program, at Vancouver's Mountain view Cemetery, seems like a natural idea. The artist is Paula Jardine, who has specialized in "community art", working with communities to create art for themselves. Looks promising.