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abstract sculpture can be friendly | Jul 31, 2004

New York Times has a story on sculptures by Franz West at the Lincoln Center. (sorry registration necessary). Since when have you heard an art critic talk about "lovable" abstract sculpture. The review makes an interesting point about different readings for the same work in a gallery setting and in public.

milk carton sculpture for Bukit Panjang | Jul 29, 2004

Students from Bukit Panjang Government High create a sculpture for Millenia Walk - from milk cartons. The name of the milkmaker is very prominent in this piece. Picture is a bit hard to decode...

Guangzhou public art | Jul 25, 2004

Debates on public art in Chinese cities are very interesting at the moment. Here is an article on public art in Guangzhou.

Maya Lin design for new US park | Jul 25, 2004

Maya Lin's designs have been revealed for a series of artworks at the Cape Disappointment park in Washington state, where the Lewis and Clark expedition ended their journey to the Pacific. The works were commissioned by the Confluence Project, "a joint project among the Friends of Lewis and Clark, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, the Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho and the Vancouver/Clark County Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Committee."

site updates | Jul 24, 2004

Managed to do some housekeeping on the site today. Added an "artworks by location" page, some images and one or two artworks, including the Hilton bas-relief.

an Anthony Poon added to the Singapore list | Jul 19, 2004

Just added an Anthony Poon that I like very much. It is in the forecourt of the Shell Tower in UE Square (a Kenzo Tange design). Its position makes it a bit hard to see from the road or sidewalk.

Public Art Network's Year in Review (USA) | Jul 13, 2004

Well, I'm a little slow I guess, but I just discovered a very rich and interesting US site devoted to public art. It belongs to the Public Art Network, an interest group of the US-based "Americans for the Arts", a non-profit group.

One of the things that the Network puts together is an annual "Year in Review" exercise, which looks at outstanding or interesting public art produced over the preceding year. The 2004 results will be out soon, but meanwhile have a look at the slide shows for 2001, 02 and 03.
Ju Ming Monks | Jul 13, 2004

Ju Ming was in Singapore earlier this month. I'm sorry that I missed his various talks and appearances, but I was in Philippines attending a meeting of Southeast Asian university presses. In the meantime we are meant to be having a big Ju Ming show, organized between the Singapore Art Musuem, iPreciation gallery and the Ju Ming Museum in Taiwan, but to tell you the truth I haven't seen much of it so far.

The headline above links to pix of Ju Ming's monks series which is being auctioned off for charity. The works were on display in the lawn of the Singapore Art Museum. I've long been a Ju Ming fan, but these are not very appealing... I saw them the other day and didn't realize they were by Ju Ming...
Beiruit's Archaic Procession | Jul 3, 2004

This article in the Beiriut Star looks at the art of Nadim Karam. His archaic procession of figures was a key symbol of the rebuilding of Beiriut in the 1990s - what looks an interesting story of the way public art was used as a means of symbolizing a vision for a city and its rebuilding. Obviously this was a highly politicized process...

listing of 'painted animal' public art projects | Jul 3, 2004

Courtesy of the Cincinatti Enquirer. According to this article, the trend started in Zurich in 1998, with over 800 cows. Chicago picked up the project the following year. The list doesn't include the Dubai camels or the Singapore lions.