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a new venue for public art - the dump | Jan 29, 2005

(from the New York Times - registration required)

photo © Peter DaSilva for The New York Times

Dio Mendoza's "Head with Buttons."
Mr. Mendoza holds one of the most coveted positions in the San Francisco art world: one of three current artists in residence at the San Francisco Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center, a fragrant 44-acre font of inspiration otherwise known as the dump.
Taipei's public art - behind the scenes | Jan 29, 2005

An exhibition on the works of June Lai at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum is aimed at helping to illuminate this artist's public interventions. The article gives some useful background on Taipei's public art spending since they instituted the "percent-for-arts" scheme.

One thing that has led to Lai's success is her ability to bring feng shui principles into the work.
Botero in Singapore - a wireservice take | Jan 19, 2005

Nice story on the Singapore show.

"Botero's work is not totally foreign to Singapore, a largely ethnic Chinese society where many women think they are overweight if they weigh more than 50 kilos (110 pounds), and slimming salons do a roaring trade."

The locally-based United Overseas Bank commissioned his sculpture "Bird", which has been sitting since 1990 outside the bank's headquarters along the Singapore River."

The story also reports that negotiations are underway for private clients to purchase two of the works.
the color of your town | Jan 17, 2005

Artist Sam Yates wants to photograph every house in Palo Alto, heart of Silicon Valley, and determine from here "the color of Palo Alto", as well as, it seems the average color of particular streets and neighborhoods. The project will take some time to complete - from now, when his beard is 27 inches long, till it reaches 31. Or thereabouts.

he left a male nude to the city | Jan 17, 2005

Seattle citizen Stu Smailes left a million US$ to the city of Seattle for the purposes of commissioning a "fully articulated, realistic male nude". Clever city art commissioners and museum curators took this commission and got a Louise Bourgeois...

Finally added search to the website. I used the htdig scripts… | Jan 16, 2005
Finally added search to the website. I used the htdig scripts provided by Verio, my US-based webhost. It still looks a bit clumsy, but it works well I hope. Please send any comments. I'm also now working to integrate into the Public Art site, so that I can more easily update the blog remotely.

Well, they mostly do legit stuff like people's houses or… | Jan 9, 2005

Well, they mostly do legit stuff like people's houses or shops, or even, gasp, stuff for museums, which is fine. Street art is not just about tagging these days.

documenting street art in Indonesia | Jan 9, 2005

The Wooster Collective runs a blog documenting street art from around the world. Looks very cool indeed. They recently highlighted a new blog from Indonesia - Tembok Bomber. Looks worth checking out.

We've noted several of his other sculptures on these… | Jan 4, 2005

We've noted several of his other sculptures on these pages before. Orissa-based sand sculptor Sudarsan Patnaik has created a memorial to the victims of the tsunami.

Singapore Straits Times journalist Hong Xinyi has noted this in a pensive piece on public monuments, in today's paper. Too bad ST doesn't post articles for more than three days, or I'd link to the piece.