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China's mural artist Yuan Yunfu | Jan 12, 2004

is enjoying a retrospective at the China National Art Museum. He is known for his murals at the Beijing International Air Terminal Building, the Jianguomen Subway Station and the central hall of the China Millennium Monument.

sculpture kills boy | Jan 12, 2004

A 1.7-meter, 300-kilogram bronze sculpture tumbled onto the boy, identified only by his family name, Joo, at a resort in Yangpyeong, about 40 kilometers southeast of Seoul. This story from YonHap News. The work is unnamed.

Liverpool races to clean up its monuments | Jan 7, 2004

It's one thing to commission public art, it's another to keep it in good shape. This article highlights Liverpool's rush to restore and preserve its stock of public art, before becoming Europe's Capital of Culture in 2008.

Singapore's fountains | Jan 4, 2004

Not too promising, as it starts off with reference to the Trevi... hmmm. The article makes the point that HDB town centres all used to have fountains, but that there are few left. The article mentions the one in Clementi Town Centre.

public art process - the Boston Women's Memorial | Jan 1, 2004

Thoughtful piece in the Boston Globe criticizing Boston's latest public art commission, the Boston Women's Memorial. The author goes into the commissioning process at some length, and it is a great example of the problems of working at the level of a 'public' in this day and age. One additional point - "Today, there's an aesthetic disconnect between the Boston area's great museums and universities and the city, a mood of mutual skepticism and mistrust."

that 'other' public art | Dec 31, 2003

Wired news story on a website that documents ever-changing graffitti...