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Saturday, November 07, 2009
  Public Art on the cover of IS Magazine

A thoughtful piece in their Out of the Box section, also their cover story. By Zaki Jufri, very nice piece.

I get the almost last word, agreeing with Justin Loke of Vertical Submarine:

"Peter Schoppert agrees: 'I would love to see more thoughtful and careful interventions involving art in public spaces. Some of that could be in the form of big expensive sculptures or screens in public places, but there are lots of other possibilities, including temporary installations, flash mob interventions, more gardens and plants, stickers and other clever kinds of urban graphic art that is respectful of property and safety.

'And if we do put more expensive sculptures and screens in, I hope that people commissioning works devote more thought to the process, involving people, including artists and curators, involving the architects, and really having a robust conversation about art in public places.'

Bottom line is, each sculpture should of course enliven its surrounding, but if it can also open up a vein of interaction between the artist, the exhibition space and the public, then it becomes a true masterpiece."

Thanks Zaki - hope IS will continue to keep its eye on Singapore's public art.

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