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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
  Creative Home - an interview with founder of Social Creatives
Today's Agatha Koh Brazil interviews Faris Basharahil, 20-year old founder of Social Creatives. We like what he has to say about images of home in Singapore:
“If you ask a Singaporean to draw a house, a typical interpretation would be a square-shaped building with a triangular roof. Perhaps there is a chimney while on the front there are two windows and a door.
“But where can you find a house like that in Singapore?
“Surprisingly not many people draw HDB flats with poles hanging out by the many windows ... This exercise shows how there is a misalignment to what we see and how we feel for our home.”

Faris was behind the recent project to paint public dustbins along Orchard Rd. For more pix, go here. While it didn't excite us as much as's Stamp project, it still shows some very useful thinking about urban landscape. Good luck Social Creatives... keep it coming!

Image is found on the Social Creatives homepage... to think - what a nice fantasy of the relationship between young people and their urban environment.

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Thank you for the nice words of encouragement.

Warmest regards
Faris Basharahil
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:58 AM  

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